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The best method for treating fire ants of any kind is with a bait. To bait for Fire Ants, a protein or fatty food is often used as the attractant. The bait is mixed in a matrix which also contains a pesticide. We use two different types:

  • Insecticide: Builds toxicity in the target organism to the point of extermination
    For LFA we use Siesta (Metaflumizone) as one of our primary treatments, which is extremely effective at controlling fire ants. Results can be seen as immediate as the first treatment. However, it has acute toxicity so it is unsuitable for use on land used for farming and aquaponics. Available on Guam is Amdro (Hydramethylnon) which can be for lawns, landscaped areas and ornamental gardens. Do not use Amdro on vegetables or other food crops as it is harmful to humans.
  • Insect Growth Regulator: Targets the development of the target organism to inhibit maturity For LFA we use Tango (S-Methoprene) as one of our primary treatments, as it is effective over long term treating and safe to use on crops (such as fruit and vegetables) without fear of contamination. 

Active Ingredient:  73% Hydramethlnon

Active Ingredient: Hydramethylnon

Active Ingredient:

Insect Growth Regulator (S)-methoprene


Listed below is a link to a step by step guide on how to mix Tango pesticide. Tango is an insect growth regulator that contains (S)-methoprene. Aside from being an effective long term pesticide treatment, Tango is also safe to use on crops.

Tango HAL Gel Bait Recipe

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