Little Fire Ant (LFA), Wasmannia auropunctata,was first detected on Guam in 2011 at a green waste processing facility in northern Guam. According to the Biosecurity Division, there are at least 25 widely dispersed sites on island (Dulla, 2019).

The Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources of the Guam Department of Agriculture secured funding in 2013 (Little Fire Ant, Wasmannia auropunctata, Eradication Pilot Project, F13AF01301) to train at the Hawai‘i Ant Lab in Hilo, Hawai‘i to learn about detection, monitoring, and treatment protocols; test treatment efficacy on Guam; and begin development of outreach materials. LFA eradication was successful at select sites tested.

Our mission is to raise awareness about LFA so the community can come together to contain, eradicate, and stop the spread of further LFA infestation around the island. The Stop Little Fire Ants outreach program works with residents, agriculture, the green industry, and plant nurseries to provide solutions for the many impacts caused by invasive ants.

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